Water Wedding

The altar at the resort was set upon a transparent carpet gently floating on the surface of the Water Pond. A truly unique experience, for a wedding ceremony held in front of the infinity of the Indian Ocean. Certainly an impeccable wedding venue in Bali.
The couple & guests could enjoy their private garden terrace with gazebo and cocktails, while the upper level hosted a reflecting pool that created the perfect atmosphere for a reception.

Beach Wedding

Harmonious marriage in Balinese culture conveys prime aspects in which it finds the guidance of the spirit to seal the union of love.
This beautiful wedding took a place on a private beach with refreshing elixirs served for the guests and violin performance during the ceremony followed by romantic dinner at miraculous Mengiat Beach.
The wedding couple could enjoy and celebrate their night in a Private Suite with the Ocean view and get the VIP Airport transfer home the next couple of days.