How to take Destination Wedding to a whole new…

Destination Wedding is not a new movement for today’s Weddings. There are plenty of charming and breath-taking places to marry almost all around the globe…

Getting married abroad can be very daunting; you won’t be able to control every detail for a start. There are complex logistics and legalities to overcome. A new culture and climate, doubts about transporting wedding outfits, favours and décor there- as well as yourselves and your guests!

That’s where your wedding planner should come to take all this stress and hassle away and make sure that everything is in the right place and time on your big day. Today, with those helping hands- marrying abroad could not be simpler!

This amazing idea can be borrowed as a great excuse to plan your 5th, 10th, 15th… (name your number) anniversary celebration or renewal of your vows.

The sceneries itself offers natural, rustic conceptions on the beautiful sandy beaches with the views out to sea when you are saying your vows. Majority of destinations offers all religion and sex ceremonies in town halls, gardens, churches, museums, castles, and yachts- choices are endless, your creativity might only be the limit!

Find the perfect time and sit down with your Fiancé to work out what type of wedding you both really want. Set a realistic budget- if you are money stretched, bear in mind that many times destination wedding might be a cheaper option then your local venue!
Considering currency exchange and run quickly through the numbers- you can be surprised that for the same amount of money you can have your dream Destination Wedding- with a much bigger offer on board to choose from!

By choosing Destination Wedding, you might be already on your honeymoon destination which helps to save a lot!

While making the list of wedding guests is essential to start early sending Save The Date cards as some of the attendants might have to organize their holidays around your wedding date.

Think of your color scheme matching your ceremony decorations and outfits. Remember that in different climate different fabrics might play a better role- choose from light and airy materials, as your wedding on a yacht offers you great excuse to show off your tan too!

Crystal clear waters and beautiful coastlines ensure perfect wedding reception and ceremony with stunning views at all time.
For sure you won’t run out of ideas for a superb wedding shooting session!

After years… those symbols of total commitment to a marriage based on love… will all be preserved in your memory with the breath-taking backdrop.

Best wishes,
Ines Alba.