Weddings Abroad & Honeymoon Destination.
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Weddings Abroad

Weddings Abroad

We specializes in weddings abroad, from European favorites destinations- Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, France to international: Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, South & North America and Australasia. Our goal is to create unique experience of a celebration you always dream it would be like,

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Favourite Suppliers

Browse through our luxury selection of the best suppliers in the world that we could only find. Immerse yourself in the fantasy designs, luxury resorts and extraordinary creations of the most prestigious names in the industry that we decided to build a long lasting relationship with.

Favourite Suppliers

Make your dream wedding come true

We create extravagantly beautiful weddings for all religion, culture and gender- all around the world.
We became renowned authority on local and destination weddings by your work ethos, going above and beyond our duties and meticulous attention to detail.

Limitless Option

Limitless Option

With our true passion to create remarkable celebrations, our weddings are one of a kind, completely bespoke and limited only by your imagination.

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What Our Customers Say

  • “Ines Alba was so friendly, very creative and professional!
    We couldn’t do it without her! She supported us from the begging until the end, step by step of the way through the planning process. We would recommend InesAlba to everyone. She goes above and beyond at her job and is unreplaceable in stressful moments! Thank you for everything you did for us!”

    Eveline & Ralph
  • “InesAlba planned my wedding in Paris. There has never been more glamorous and sophisticated wedding in Paris then one planned by her.  It was a fantastic experience to work with someone so passionate about her work. She has tuned her abilities to exactly reproduce our idea of a dream wedding… We can’t tell in few worlds how important her work was for two, very busy individuals. She the nr 1 of destination weddings!”

    Agnes & John
  • “Where to begin? InesAlba planned the wedding for us in the Lake Como district. We had a fantastic ‘click’ from the first contact. She planned every detail like we wanted it to be. The wedding ceremony was smooth, and reception has been arranged so beautifully… it is still vivid in my memory. I am originally from Italy and we made the best decision to choose InesAlba, as her expertise and detail perception was irreplaceable! Thank you again InesAlba! We are going to plan renewals with you! ”

    Manuel & Jeremy

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